100% Recycled Paper Roll
Block Printing Ink for Paper
Yard Stick Or Ruler
R+D offers gift wrap for any order on our site. We make our gift wrap and it’s really easy for you to make too!
Sustainability is important to us—we’re using 100% recycled paper for our gift wrap and plant-based 3D printed stamps.
Make your stamps: ours are simple shapes we 3D printed, but you can use wine corks, potatoes, or anything else with a flat surface to make stamps.
Spread your ink into a thin layer and press your shape into the ink. I like to use a yard stick to space out my shapes uniformly across my paper.
Since my shapes are about an inch wide, it’s very easy to space them with about an inch between each and using the yard stick between rows.
Make sure your paper has time to dry and then you can leave it as large sheets or cut it to a smaller size.
Wrap your gifts and finish it off with ribbon or twine!
Or leave it to us to wrap and ship your R+D gifts year round! 😉
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