Elmer The Elephant Paper Bag Craft For Kids
Supplies: paper lunch bag, scissors, washi tape, glue stick, construction paper, 2 large googly eyes, newspaper, stapler
What you'll need
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Printable Template
Ball up a piece of newspaper and put it in the paper lunch bag.
Fold the top of the lunch bag down 3 times and secure with staples on each side.
Cover the front, top and sides with pieces of washi tape. Use all different colors. It’s okay to leave some spaces and to overlap pieces.
Cut out 2 elephant ears, a trunk and tuft of hair.
Add some washi tape patches to the cut out elephant parts. Trim away the excess.
Use the glue stick to attach Elmer’s ears, trunk and hair tuft. Use a marker to add some dimension. Curl the trunk and ears.
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