English Country Garden - How To Glue Baste Template L/M
Glue your paper template to the WRONG side of your fabric using water soluble fabric glue.
Trim the excess fabric away from the paper template leaving approx. 3/8” seam allowance.
Apply water soluble fabric glue along one edge of your paper template. Do not glue too close to the edge of the paper template.
Apply a small amount of glue to the fabric seam allowance at either end of the fabric near the tip of the paper template.
Using your finger tips, fold and ease the fabric seam allowance over the edge of the paper template. Check the edge of the shape is smooth.
Repeat for the remaining side of your paper template. Use your fingertips to help fold and smooth the fabric at the tips.
Using fingertips to hold and fold fabric seam allowance over the tip of the paper template. Finger press to ensure fabric will stay in place.
Finger press along the folded edges of the paper template. Check that this edge is also smooth with no puckers or sharp creases.
You should have smooth edges on both sides of the basted shape. There are 2 fabric “flags” at the top and bottom of the shape.
Turn over your basted shape and apply a small amount of water soluble fabric glue to the back of one of the fabric “flags”.
Use your thumbnail or finger tip to turn the fabric “flag” back on itself. The fabric glue will hold the extra fabric in place. Finger press.
Repeat the previous step to turn back the excess fabric on the remaining tip of the template.
Your completed template M Leaf! Repeat for any remaining leaves according to the pattern instructions.
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