Explore Bannack Ghost Town in Montana
Bannack began in 1862 when gold was found in Grasshopper Creek.
Bannack State Park is open year-round. There are over 60 structures to explore. Bannack is an authentic ghost town and not a tourist trap.
This is the Methodist Church, the only building for worship in Bannack, built in 1877.
You can look at the Bannack Jails, hardly used during the peak gold rush. Instead, criminals were usually warned, banished from the town, or hung.
Bannack has the first jail that was ever built in what would become the Montana Territory.
This is the stately Hotel Meade, which was in operation on and off until the 1840s.
In Hotel Meade, you can see things like old rooms and artifacts.
Look outside at the beautiful countryside and imagine resting there after a long, arduous journey to seek your fortune or to visit someone.
This is the beautiful walk back into town from the gallows.
Some buildings are more rundown than others, but the town is overall preserved wonderfully. Preservation efforts began in the 1940s.
This pretty ghost town is great for Instagram shots, including if you'd want to dress in vintage clothing for some Western shots.
Another great building to check out is the Masonic Lodge and School House.
It was built in 1874 by the Masonic Lodge No. 16 and the bottom floor was a school for over 70 years.
If you visit Bannack, be sure to get a copy of the $2 Bannack booklet, which is filled with the town's history and a map. There are restrooms too.
Although the park is open all year, the Visitor Center is closed during the winter. Check out their website for special events and tours.
"Bannack is not a dead ghost town, but a living classroom. For future generations to understand how far and from where we have come...." Stan Smith
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