Eyebrow Maintenance And Brow Before Foundation Routine
Please be warned this isn’t for everyone and should be done with caution. First step brush up your brows.
I use shaving cream to maintain my eyebrows, I apply the product in the same places that I apply my concealer.
Do the same to the other eyebrow and leave it on for 5 mins
Make sure to press hard as you’re wiping, I use a kitchen towel to wipe the product off.
Make sure to properly cleanse your face and then use rose water to tone your face.
Now that my brows have been tamed, I use soap to tame my brows into position.
Use small strokes to fill in your brows, make sure to use a sharp pencil to do this
I apply a brow gel on top to keep the hair in place and add a bit of colour to my brows
To sharpen the brows I use a thick concealer and apply a small amount at the bottom, if I made a mistake I’ll apply some to the top too.
Make sure to blend it in properly, if you need to use a little bit of foundation to blend it in a little more.
Don’t forget to reapply your crease colour and make sure that your concealer didn’t leave a harsh line.
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