10 Face Masks & Accessories You Can Make!
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From masks to accessories (like cute carry pouches!) these 10 tutorials have your mask needs covered
This simple face mask is easy to make & perfect for beginner sewists. No pattern required.
If you’ve got some sewing skills under your belt, follow this free pattern for a more fitted mask.
Got a Cricut Maker? Let Cricut do the cutting for you and whip up these washable face masks.
If you want to avoid sewing all together, check out these quick no sew bandana masks!
Now that you have your mask, really make it your own with a custom tie dye technique.
If you prefer something more dramatic, go all out with fringe and chain in the Jumprope below.
Elastic is convenient, but can deteriorate in the wash. Sew cotton mask ties for long-lasting masks.
Crochet a mask helper to keep elastic from hurting your ears, or gift to an essential worker.
Keep your face masks clean on the go by making this convenient zippered travel mask pouch.
If you don’t have a zipper on hand, sew this simple envelope mask wallet instead.
As with any homemade masks remember to use proper fabrics, materials, and filters!