Favourite #FashionThrowback Trends In 2020!
Rhinestones are back & bright as ever! My personal fav are words written in rhinestones 💎
Double-Zip cardigans are a great casual top. Pair with some flare jeans or a mini skirt!
Corset tops are back and add so much character to a look. Love the open space in the back, too🤩
Scarf tops are one of the simplest pieces to own. You can do so much with just one scarf!
Denim bell bottoms accentuate your legs PERFECTLY! Such a YES in my books 📚
Baguette bags are small in size but big in character. Perfect for quick errand or a night out 👛
Waistchains are the perfect way to spice up any look. Huge fan of this trend! Peep the cute charm😍
Velour sets of course! Baby Phat is a classic throwback, too 👌🏾 can’t go wrong with this look!
Coloured sunglasses are back in a big way. TIP: add some jewels to the bottom for a real throwback💎
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