Ficus Elastica (Rubber Plant) Care
Ficus Elastica are native to South Asia and produce a white latex that was used in the past to make rubber!
You can choose a pot that ranges from a couple of inches bigger than its root ball, to one that is moderately larger.
Both terracotta and plastic pots are fine, just make sure they have drainage holes. Remember terracotta will dry out a tiny bit faster as well.
Use a high quality, all purpose potting soil to pot this plant. Pack the soil in loosely around the top!
Water thoroughly about once a week. The soil likes to be kept evenly moist for a few days, but also needs time to dry out in between waterings.
Rubber trees need very bright, indirect light for most of the day. A couple of hours of full sun is also okay, but too much will burn the leaves.
Fertilize your plant in the spring and summer. This can extend into early fall. Only fertilize when the plant is actively growing!
The variegated ficus elastica needs a tiny bit more full sun than a dark green ficus to keep its variegation.
The sap in ficus trees is slightly toxic so keep these plants up high where pets can't get into them.
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