Firecracker Prawns (Copycat Recipe)
Prep veggies: coloured bell pepper & capsicum, spring onion, onion, green & red chillies, snow peas. Keep aside
Make the sauce:mix 40 ml Soy sauce,2 tbsp sugar, 100 ml sriracha sauce, 100 ml sweet chilli sauce, 50 ml oyster sauce, 40 ml oil, 2 tbsp chilli flakes
In a wok, heat 3 tbsp chilli oil or sesame oil. Add 6 to 8 dried red chillies (Kashmiri red chilli). Add 3 tsp gg paste. Sauté a couple of mins
Add in all prepped veggies. Then add 3/4 tsp salt, 3/4 tsp black pepper. Mix it all up well on med flame a couple of mins
Squeeze in lemon juice of one big lemon & mix.
Add in around 600-800 grams shrimps / prawns. Cool till they change colour & are done (won’t take more than a few mins)
Now lower flame. Add in prepared sauce. Mix it all up. Cook on low for around 5-6 mins. Turn off stove.
Serve. Firecracker prawns tiyaar hai 🍤🍲
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