Fishbone Cactus Plant Care
Fishbone Cactus
Cactus Potting Soil
Planter With Or Without Drain Holes
The Fishbone Catus is also known as a Zig Zag or Ric Rac cactus and is native to Mexico's humid environment.
If you are prone to overwatering, use a pot with drainage holes. The plant will also be ok in one with no holes if you don't tend to overwater.
These cacti are quite hardy and can live in generic potting mix, which is what I have here. If you mix this with a cactus based soil, that is ideal.
The easiest and simplist way to check if your cactus needs to be watered is to use your finger!
Only water when soil is dry. These cacti are native to a humid environment and can handle a bit more water than regular cacti.
Fishbone cactus also prefer low light, to bright indirect light instead of full sun like other cacti.
The light I am showing here is bright, indirect light. The cactus also recieves direct sunlight in this location at the end of the day.
New growth will appear as thin, long shoots, which will eventually grow into the distinctive shape the cactus is known for!