Frozen Melonball Cocktail!
Looking for summer’s most delicious frozen cocktail? This melon flavored green slushie perfect!
You’ll need vodka, Midori, Honeydew melon, simple syrup, lime & orange juices
Trim, seed, & cube your melon. Throw into a blender and juice!
Strain the juice in a fine sieve over a bowl, to remove the pulp.
The honeydew juice is ready! Add to a blender with simple syrup, midori, vodka, & orange juice.
The fresh honeydew juice compliments the added Midori, a Japanese green melon liquor!
Don’t forget your fresh lime juice! Add to the blender along with a handful of ice!
Blend on high for a slushie treat! Garnish with thinly cut melon slices!
This is a great batch cocktail for your outdoor parties! Cool, refreshing, & sweet!
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