Full Coverage Makeup Routine
Supplies blush and bronzer/Buffy brush/perfector sponge/4 tin palette/stay spray/setting powder
Using small side of Buffy brush to apply my brightening shade first.
Now taking the larger side and applying my main shade all over. Tip: dab into product with brush.
Now blend with the same brush.
Tip: grab a lighter shade and dab only into the inner corner for more of a bright look.
Let’s contour! Take your dense side of blush and bronzer brush.
Tip:use the contour and highlight card that came with your makeup for placement.
Use your perfector sponge to ensure you don’t have excess product on your skin!
Apply your favorite setting powder! Tip: bake for 1-2 min.
Now with the fluffy side dust it off! Optional: apply illuminator.
Now add some blush!
Final step is to add setting spray to ensure a long lasting look!
Hope you enjoyed! Comment below to get details on how to get color matched!
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