Gorgeous Multicolor Pom Pom Ornaments
Let’s make some pom pom ornaments!
It all starts with the yarn! Find a multicolor bundle that you love.
We’re working with the Clover 2.5” maker - open up both arms on one side to get started
Hold down the end of yarn and wrap over it, continue until the yarn is almost flush with the bottom, going side to side
Close, slide the yarn through the middle gap, and then begin wrapping the other side
Wrap the second side, close, and trim the end
Trim along the middle line while keeping the pom pom maker shut
Cut 10” of yarn and align it on the gap, slide it in and pull tight so that you know it’s wrapped around the yarn, double knot
Slowly pull up on the arms, gently pull the maker apart, trim your yarn tail
Check out those cool patterns of color!
Double knot your yarn either at the top or close to the base, trim your excess tail
Shape up your pom pom into perfect spheres by trimming pieces to match the rest
Repeat and hang on the tree!
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