Handprint Mail A Hug Craft Idea For Kids
Supplies: cardstock, ink pad, baby wipes, scissors, paper punch, glue, stapler, ribbon and envelope
First pick a hand. Any hand! Make a handprint design on your paper, using the ink pad.
Repeat for the other hand so you have TWO handprints on the paper. Use baby wipes to clean hands.
Next use scissors to trim around both handprints on the paper.
Now use your paper heart punch to make TWO heart cutouts.
Secure one heart paper punch to the center of EACH handprint cutout.
Next cut a long piece of ribbon and staple each end to your handprint cutouts.
The last step is to wrap up the entire thing gently and place it an envelope so you can mail it.
Our handprint mail a hug idea is sure to bring smiles to the lucky receiver!
Don't forget to share with us pictures after you complete the craft!
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