Hiking The Acatenango Volcano (All You Want To Know)
In Guatemala it is possible to go on a once in a life time experience: The Acatenango volcano hike!
A two day trek to the top of the volcano, where you will sleep in a tent along the way and enjoy views of the active Fuego volcano.
One of the most consistently erupting volcanoes in the world, as there is an eruption every 20 minutes.
You will travel from Antigua to the village of La Soledad, the startingpoint of your hike and the place where you meet the guide and porters.
The first part will bring you along fields with maize and beans, where you will see farmers at work.
Then you reach the tropical cloudforest with ancient trees, overgrown with mosses and plants. Beautiful.
As you get higher you'll reach the coniferous forest and approach the tree line.
It's amazing to find yourself above the clouds!
The last part of the hike is flat and you will have the first views of the volcanoes.
You will spend the night in a tent on the slope of the Acatenango volcano, at an altitude of 3500 meters.
From here you enjoy views of the Fuego volcano.
But the show really starts at night. You will hear the volcano rumble and see the red lava flow.
Just make sure you bring lots of warm clothes, as it can be extremely cold.
The next day is the hardest as you leave at 4 am (when it's still dark) to the 4000 meters high top of the Acatenango Volcano.
But the view is just incredible. You have a 360degree view of the volcano peaks, Guatemalan highlands, that reach all the way to Mexico & El Salvador.
The hike is hard, because of the altitude and lack of oxygen in the air. But it's def. doable with the right mindset and a normal physical condition.
The first day is about 6 hours of hiking. The next day it is 1.5 hours to the top and 3 hours walking downhill.
You need to head out with a professional guide.
Bring lots of warm clothes, water, snacks, hiking shoes and poles. And enjoy this incredible experience in Guatemala!
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