Home State Washi Tape Wall Art
Print and cut out a template of your home state.
Tear off a piece of washi tape, roll it, and adhere it to the back of the state template. Arrange the template on an 8"x10" piece of cardstock.
Use washi tape (about 1/2" wide) to cover the lowest short edge of cardstock. Fold over the tape edges to neaten.
Use a ruler to space the next line of washi tape. Here I used washi tape that was just over 1/2" wide and spaced the strips about 1/4" apart. 
Continue adding washi tape, sticking it in spaced lines right on top of your template.
Use a sharp craft knife to carefully cut through the washi tape layers (not the cardstock!) that meet the template. Remove template carefully.
Remove the template and set aside. You can reuse the tape left on the template for another project!
Place your finished art in a frame and you are done!
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