How To Add Products in Jumpropes and Your Shop
In this Jumprope we’ll walk you through how to add products to your Jumprope and your Shop.
Add products to individual cards of your Jumprope. Highlight part of your text and tap “tag product” to see your two options.
Another way to add a product is with the cart button. Tap the cart and you’ll see the same options to add a new product or pick one you already have.
To add a photo for your product, tap the photo icon. You’ll have the option to take a photo, choose from your camera roll, or use one of Jumprope’s.
To add a product link, tap on the link icon and paste it in. You can use affiliate links. You can edit the button text to read “buy” or “download.”
If you’re creating a recipe Jumprope, viewers want to see quantity and units so they know how much to buy and can follow your recipe.
You can also change the display text that will appear on the products card of your Jumprope. This allows you to use a shorthand phrase on your card.
You’ll now see that a product card has been automatically added to your Jumprope. Each product you add to an individual card will appear here.
You can also add a product from the profile tab. You can batch add products here and toggle on which ones you’d like to feature in your Shop.
When you add a product to your shop, any Jumpropes you’ve made with them will display. Viewers can see products in action and may choose to buy them.
Just like you can share a link to a Jumprope and to your profile, you can also share a link to your shop with anyone.
Your audience can’t wait to shop your products featured in your Jumpropes and your Creator Shop. Start adding products today!
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