How To Apply False Lashes
First use mascara this will help your lashes blend with the fake ones.
lashes are NOT one size fit all. measure it to your eye and cut excess off Always cut the outer part
Get yourself one of these tools that are like tweezers but meant for lashes. ** game changer **
Apply glue to the back of your hand & then use the tip like a brush. Apply to "top" of the band
WAIT for 30-40 seconds!!! You need the glue to get tacky. Otherwise it'll be a mess.
Position mirror directly below u. Takes getting used 2 but makes it easy 2 get it close to lashline
Apply your lashes. I cut mine super short to give a whispie cat eye effect.
Do the same to the other eye.You might have to push down on each corner. Glue dries clear.
& there you have lashes. It takes practice but this is the best method I've found.
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