How to Block a Crochet Hat
Materials: hat, blocking board, or dry towel and flat surface (bed or table), water (sink or bucket), and soap.
Always follow the care instructions on your yarn label, i.e. cold vs warm water, lay flat to dry, etc.
Fill sink with enough warm water to submerge your hat.
Add a dash of soap. I'm using wool wash, but you can use any gentle soap, or none if you prefer.
Gently submerge your completed hat in the water.
Allow the hat to soak 5-15 mins.
Gently squeeze the water out, without wringing the hat.
Lay hat in a towel + roll it up, squeeze it to press out the water.
Lay out the damp hat on a blocking board or clean dry towel.
Use your hands to gently press hat into position. If needed, you can pin into place.
Allow to dry. Since it's double layer that can take a while. I will flip it over to help the process along.
What you'll need
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