How To Create A Valentine’s Day Dessert Board
Today we’re going to make a fun spin on a charcuterie board: a dessert board for Valentine’s Day!
Gather your supplies for your dessert board and wash any fruit prior to arranging.
Start by placing small bowls on the board to break up the surface area.
Grab one of your larger food items and start placing them around the edge of a bowl.
Repeat the last step with any other larger food items and play with how you’re spacing them out. You may want to double up on a layer.
Fill in the bowls as you go. Small candies, berries and nuts are all good to add to bowls.
If you have one item in multiple colors try alternating between the items to add some visual interest to the board.
You can add an item to many parts of the board so that depending on where people are sitting standing everyone gets to try everything!
Don’t be afraid to try arranging something one way and decide there’s a better way to do it. Creating boards is a marathon, not a sprint!
In addition to creating lines you can also create clumps. These gummy hearts look great in clumps and there’s less pressure to be perfect.
Adding things with different colors to bowls helps break up the board even more visually like multi-colored M&M’s or these KitKats.
Remember the first item you added? Go back in and add more of that. You probably got distracted by all of the colorful candy.
If there is any leftover space you can fill it in with something small like raspberries!
Or popcorn! This salty item will go great with all of the chocolate.
All done! Now it’s time to enjoy your masterpiece with your Valentine (if you’re your own Valentine, congrats! More for you!) 😘
Don’t forget to check out Lauryn’s dessert board (a little healthier than mine!)
And Jessie’s DIY Cat Toy Charcuterie Board! I mean this is the cutest thing.
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