How To Install Craftsman Style Trim
What you'll need
Tablesaw or Circular Saw
1/2" MDF Board
Finish Nailer
Brad Nailer
2" And 1.25" Nails
Paint Primer
MDF was the affordable option for me so I used my table saw to cut down some boards to the sizes I needed to trim the windows and doors
Most of the trim was approximately 1x4. The top piece was 1x6 with a 1x2 cap. The 1x3 ended up being a good size for my window sill
I had already stripped the room of all trim so this is my starting point
I used a finish nail gun for shooting trim directly into the wall/stud and a brad nail gun for the shallower pieces shooting 2 pieces of trim together
For windows, I recommend installing the sill first and the verticals on top of it. Luckily MDF doesn't warp like typical wood boards would
This allows the top piece to sit level on the verticals. When you attach the top cap trim, use a brad nailer from above like shown here
The only piece that doesn't rely on the others is the bottom apron. You can install this at any time after the sill. I chose to nail it in place last
The trim turned out great! Now for the rest of the bathroom makeover to continue! Next up, board and batten. Follow to see the whole bathroom makeover
Once caulked and painted, it'll look like this window from another room I renovated
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