How To Make A Reversible Scrub Cap
Gather materials: Two 35” x 10” pieces of 100% cotton fabric (1 patterned, 1 solid), and 40 inches of packaged 1/2” double fold bias tape.
Download and assemble the free reversible scrub cap pattern. (Pattern & written tutorial available on
Cut one of each pattern piece for the top & side pieces from the patterned and solid fabrics.
Fold the each top piece in half & finger press the fold. Unfold the piece & mark the center point with a clip.
Fold the side piece in half & finger press. Match the center points of the top & side pieces right sides together and clip.
Starting from the center, clip the top edge of the band to the top piece of the cap. Do this for both fabrics.
Sew the pieces together using 1/4” seam allowance. Pay close attention to ensure the edges are still aligned as you sew around the curve of the cap.
After sewing both parts of the cap, finger press each seam open. Now it’s starting to look like the shape of a scrub cap!
Nest the solid piece into the patterned piece, right sides together. Align & clip the back edge to prepare for sewing.
Sew the back edge using 1/4” seam allowance.
Turn the cap right sides out & nest the solid fabric into the patterned fabric. Finger press the back edge then top stitch.
Fold over the end of the bias binding to prevent it from fraying & clip to secure. Then, measure 7.5” from end & place a clip as marker.
Open the binding at the 7.5” mark & start encasing the cap’s raw edge in the binding. Clip as you go to secure.
Top stitch the binding 1/8” from the edge to close the ends & sew the binding to the hat. This is a continuous sewing process.
Check all the edges & reverse it a couple of times for fun! Then, you’re all done.
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