How To Make A Simple Face Mask Carry Pouch
Canvas or denim fabric 8.5” x 15. Double-fold bias tape (29”). One plastic snap.
Fold bottom edge over 1” toward inside then fold 1” again. Sew using stitch of choice to secure.
Fold the bottom edge over 4.5” toward the top. Clip to hold in place.
Fold over one end of bias tape for finished edge.
Place & clip bias tape around entire piece. Miter corners & fold second edge at end.
Sew bias tape to fabric using zigzag stitch.
Find center of pouch by folding it in half lengthwise. Finger press for temporary center crease.
Use crease as guide for snap on inside of pouch. Place it centered, around 1.25” from top edge.
Fold pouch flap top edge over 3” & mark snap placement then install.
Find a fabric mask and place it in the pouch! Then, store it in your purse or bag.
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