How To Make A Wooden Dreidel For Hanukkah
We’re going to show you how to sand down a wooden block into a dreidel!
Mark out the center of the top of a wooden block and drill about a 1/2 inch deep.
On each side of the block mark out two diagonal lines to help guide where to sand.
Place the block in a clamp with the bottom sticking out as much as possible.
Use an angle grinder to sand down the corners of the block to make a rounded point at the bottom.
Place a dowel in the drilled hole and trim it about an inch long with a rotary tool.
Place an adhesive stencil on each side of the block and mark off any other areas with painters tape.
Use an airbrush to paint the stencil.
Remove the stencil and tape.
What you'll need
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MakerX- Angle Saw, Rotary Tool & Airbrush
Wooden Block 2x2
Wood Dowel
Adhesive stencil & Painters Tape
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