How To Make Dollhouse Hardwood Floors
Cut ends off craft sticks w/ sharp scissors. Helpful to do this in a box so pieces don’t go flying!
Keep some sticks full length, cut others into different lengths
Sand cut ends quickly with rough sand paper then fine sand paper. Don’t forget to smooth out corners
Sanding takes a LONG time, but is totally optional! Here’s a comparison of not sanded vs sanded
Dilute acrylic paint in water & apply to all floorboards. Use different colors for variation
Let dry completely before “installing”
Add wood glue to the floor, spread with paintbrush. Place boards starting in the back
When you get to the front cut and sand a stick to the correct size. Glue down, sanded edge facing in
Keep going until no more rows will fit! Wipe excess glue as needed as you go
For the last row you may need to trim sticks to fit. Cut to size, lightly sand, then glue down
Place heavy books on top until dry. Use tin foil between sticks and books so they don’t get stuck!
Lightly sand with fine grit sand paper to remove glue residue or rough edges
Add a few coats of your favorite non toxic sealer. I used Mod Podge Ultra Gloss
Dollhouse wood floors are complete! Time to finish the outside of the house...