How to Make Felt Flowers
Materials: felt, piece of cardstock, pen, scissors, hot glue gun and glue sticks.
Fold your paper in half, draw a circle and cut. You'll get 2 circles.
Take one of the circles. Fold it in half then in thirds and crease.
Cut your folded circle on the widest part to make a petal. These will be your patterns.
Trace some circles and flowers on the felt using your patterns.
Cut out your shapes. Do it on fold to get twice the shapes at once.
You need 6 of either one per flower. 1 for the base and 5 for the petals.
To make the petal: Fold your shape in half and glue in the middle. Fold in half again and glue.
Glue 4 petals to the base, then one more right in the middle. And that's it.
Let's do it again using only circles.
And your flowers are ready!
You can use them to decorate a wreath or anything you want.
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