How To See New York City From The Top Of The Rock
Many people want to check out the views from the Empire State Building...
...But the Rockefeller Center is a better option!
When you check out the view from the Top of the Rock, you get the Empire State Building in the skyline photos!
You can see Central Park from one side of the multiple look out decks...
... and the rest of the city on the other side! Can you see the Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty in the distance?
Tips for visiting the Rockefeller Center:
You can book tickets online or buy on a whim in person, but be ready for some lines if you choose the in person option.
When booking you can choose your time of day, and can even choose a ticket that allows you to go up twice, once during the day, and again at night!
You can pay extra to bring home photos taken of you! A great option for the solo traveller.
To get to the top, you take a really quick elevator ride to the observation decks
Then you walk out to a breathtaking view of the city!
Seeing Central Park from above really gives you an idea of how big it really is!
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