How To Skate Backwards - Tutorial
Put those skates on! It's time to learn how to skate backwards
Practice balancing - with knees bent and arms out for balance
Start with the same posture and take small steps backwards with toes pointed slightly towards each other
POV camera showing this! Start in a V shape with toes pointed
Next, bubbles! Start with a v shape and put pressure on toes to curve out and meet back together again
POV camera - putting pressure on the toes will give you an inner edge you need to create the bubble
Next, try the same type of movement in the toes but on one foot instead of both in the bubbles - the foot doing the carving should have most weight on
POV camera - you can try to also lift the foot that's not carving
Here is me showing the lifting of the foot, the foot that is skating should push off backwards
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