How To Slick 4C Hair
So today I decided to slick my hair, now it’s important to note that I’m doing this on dirty hair, it’s not worth putting gel on clean hair.
I like to use the green lid Eco Styler Gel, it works well for my hair but make sure to use what you have - I’ve heard the red lid is good too.
I like to apply the product to the front, back and sides of my hair, because I have a lot of hair I need to use a lot of gel to get it slick.
It’s important to part your hair and apply the product, because I don’t need it to be perfect I parted with my hand and applied in the centre too.
You may have noticed that I’ve been applying the gel in an upward motion, I also brush in this direction to mold the hair into the high bun I want.
Now take your time with this part, how tight your bun is, is dependent on how tight you pull your hair, remember your hair is delicate so be careful.
My hair is a lot denser in the centre and therefore I need to comb it into place, I do this right before I tie it with a hair band.
Once it’s tied up, I apply my edge control as an extra hold, this bottle of gummy wax has been the best for me.
I then spray with a holding spray, you can also use the Got2Be spray which I used off camera.
Doing your edges is up to you but I like to add a bit of character to my hair by doing small swoops on my hair.
Make sure to tie it down with a scarf, I use two, one for my edges and one for the main body of my hair.
I then form my bun which is really simple, I roll it into a doughnut and tie a hairband around it. Works great every time.
There we go the final look!
What you'll need
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Eco Styler Gel
Gummy Hair Wax
Loreal Hair Spray
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