How to Use a Seam Ripper | 3 Ways |
These are seam rippers that came with my sewing machine. You can easily buy them online!
All methods: first, unpick any backstitching. Insert blade under each stitch and slowly push the blade upwards to cut the stitch.
Method 1: After removing backstitching, choose a side and cut every 3rd, 4th or 5th stitch. Flip and remove the now released thread.
Method 2: After removing backstitches, pull seam apart and cut the stitches that appear in the gap. Grab with blade and lift up to cut. Repeat.
Method 3: After backstitching is removed, hold fabric taut and push seam ripper (blunt end down) forward (and a bit to left) to cut.
Notes: method 3 can be a bit risky, so practice first! It is very fast though. Always be careful not to tear your fabric.
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