How To Visit Niagara Falls On A Budget
Most people say you should visit Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, but what if that's not a possibility for you?
When you first arrive at the Falls from the American side, they're neat but not quite breathtaking. So keep on walking!
You'll get to see the landmark from a few different viewpoints! You can also experience the roar of the falls and mist from the water.
Walk along the path that will take you to the other waterfalls. You'll come across a lot of picture perfect scenery!
You'll have the chance to get up close to the edge if you're getting brave!
You can enjoy this neat view for free or pay for the opportunity to walk down at the bottom of the falls.
But honestly this view is amazing on its own!
You can get a front row seat to the top of the Falls, and experience just how much mist there is.
For a cost, you could even ride a boat over here at the bottom. But this view was definitely the right price!
The American side of Niagara Falls is definitely worth visiting, especially if you have a small budget!
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