How To Vote In New York State
Anyone eligible to vote can either vote in person or by mail.
Check to see if you are registered and if your info is accurate.
If you aren’t already, you must register to vote by Oct 9.
For NYC voters, go to to request your mail-in ballot. You must be registered first.
In NYC you can apply online to vote absentee. In other parts of the state, use the form linked ⬇️
While you can wait until Oct. 27 to request a mail-in ballot, don’t procrastinate and do it now.
Fear of contracting COVID-19 is a valid reason to check “temporary illness or physical disability”.
Absentee ballots will be mailed starting on Sept 18 and must be postmarked or revived by Nov 3.
If you want to vote in person, you can vote early from Oct 24 through Nov 1.
Go to to find out where you can vote early. Not all locations are available yet.
In some counties (green), go to any location. In others (orange), go to your designated site.