12 Incredibly Useful Tips for Visiting New York City
Go on a free walking tour with a local! Did you know you can actually go on free tours in NYC? Check out Apple Greeters and Free Tours by Foot.
Be aware of free days at NYC attractions. Many museums offer free days or “pay as you wish” days, such as Brooklyn Museum or 9/11 Memorial Museum.
Take public transportation instead of taxis to save money. Public transportation is fast, reliable and very affordable in NYC. Subways are the best!
If you have to take a taxi, hail it correctly. You don’t need to yell “taxi” like in the movies. Just step off the sidewalk and stick your arm out!
Watch out for typical tourist traps, especially in Times Square. Be on the lookout for people dressed in costumes or selling blank CDs!
Stay to the right when walking on the sidewalks. New Yorkers are known for their brisk walk and you don’t want to get in their way!
Eat local and skip the chains. Make sure to try dishes like the famous dirty dog, bagels, clam chowders, cheesecakes or pastrami sandwiches!
Visit outside of the holiday months to save significant money. Christmas is magical in NYC but it’s also the most expensive period to visit as well!
Get up early to avoid tourist crowds. This is also the best tip to get the most beautiful photos in New York City for Instagram!
Take the time to explore more than just Manhattan. NYC is so much more than just Manhattan! Make sure to check out Brooklyn or Staten Island as well.
If you want to visit the Statue of Liberty, set aside at least half a day, or even better, a full day. Ferry rides are super time consuming!
Dress appropriately for northeast weather. NYC has all four seasons and the weather can be crazy, so make sure to always have layers with you!
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