Interference Paint Drip Thrift Store Lamp Makeover
Start with a thrifted lamp (or 2!)
Wrap anything you don't want painted in blue painters tape.
Spray the areas you will be painting with a coat of primer.
Mix Enchanted Ultra Black Basecoat with DecoArt Paint Adhesion Medium 1:1. Then, mix that with water 1:2 (more water than paint mixture).
Apply mixture in thin even strokes. Let each coat dry thoroughly between. My lamps took 4 quick coats.
Mix Enchanted Iridescent Topcoat Acrylic in a 1:4 ratio with more water than paint. Apply paint generously and let it run down.
Add some more paint to your mixture and repeat the process staying higher up on the lamp. Repeat this step up to 4 times staying higher each time.
Optional: Remove the painters tape and paint the neck and base of your lamp with liquid gold leaf.
Enjoy your stunning new lamps!
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