14 Kitchen Skills for New Chefs
We’re here to level up your cooking game! Here are 14 kitchen skills that you need to know.
Want to get the most out of your mangoes? Learn how to easily cut and serve them using this guide!
Did you know you shouldn’t put your cast iron pan in the dishwasher? Learn the best way to clean a cast iron pan here!
The toughest part about getting fresh Fava Beans is having to shell them yourself. This creator shows you the best way to do that!
Sweet potatoes are great, but did you know you can cook them in the microwave? Follow this guide to learn how!
Cutting and peeling avocados can get so messy! Check out this guide to learn how to cleanly cut and peel an avocado.
Ginger’s outer skin is flakey and thin, which can make peeling it very tricky! Watch this tutorial to learn how to peel ginger.
There is no better treat than a bowl of fresh pineapple! Learn how to cut a pineapple with ordinary kitchen knives.
Everyone loves Homemade Preserves! Here’s a guide to help you learn how to can yours.
Puréed pumpkin is perfect for everything! It’s amazing in soups, pasta, etc. Follow this tutorial to learn how to roast and purée a pumpkin.
Almond meal is a necessary ingredient in macarons and many other recipes! Learn how to make it from almond pulp.
Wood cutting boards are a kitchen classic. Due to the fact that wood absorbs liquids, this cleaning guide is a necessity for any chef!
Wrapping egg rolls is an art. Follow this tutorial to learn how to wrap them at home!
Onions always add a subtle sweetness to your cooking. Learn the proper technique for slicing and dicing them here!
Butternut squash is known for being difficult to peel. This creator teaches you how to peel and dice butternut squash!
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