10 Largest Islands in the World
How is Australia classified as a continent yet Greenland an island? Read through this list of largest islands to find out!
At 196,236 km², Ellesmere Island is located in Canada and is home to geological elements that date as far back as the last Ice Age.
The largest of the British aisles, Great Britain is an island located in the North Atlantic Ocean and separated from Europe by the English channel.
Victoria Island is named after Queen Victoria and is 217,291 km² in total area.
Honshu is the largest of Japan’s four main islands.
Sumatra is part of Indonesia, and it is encompassed by gorgeous tropical rainforest!
Baffin Island is the largest island in Canada and one of the most inhospitable island on Earth due to its cold temperatures.
Madagascar is located on the East Coast of Africa in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
At 748,168 km², Borneo is a huge island that’s measured at nearly twice the size of Germany!
The island New Guinea is separated from Australia by the Torres Strait, with the Coral Sea on one side and the Arafura Sea on the other.
At 2,130,800 km², Greenland is the largest island in the world and only missed out on continent status likely because of its population size.
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