Learn Beaded Fringe - Demo with Large Beads
Use your "pyramid" from my Learn Brickstitch video, thread your needle with the working end of your thread.
Make sure to keep track of your thread ends.
String the number of beads needed for the length of your fringe. In this case, I am adding 7.
Separate the last bead and run your needle back up through the remaining beads, including the set in the base row of your pyramid.
The bead you separate and skip acts as an anchor for the bottom of the fringe.
Run your needle back down through the neighboring set of beads in the pyramid.
Now you are ready to add your next fringe.
Repeat by stringing the required number of beads.
Again, separate the bottom bead and run the needle back up through the remaining beads.
Run the needle back down through the neighboring set and finish adding your required fringe.
...adding the final fringe...
Work the end of your threads into your piece, going back through the top loop to strength it.
Cut the ends as close to the bead as possible and they will disappear into the work.
Now follow along using seed beads and see what you can make!
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