Learn to Hollowback!
Open your shoulders! Start with puppy pose working through a flexion and extension of the spine.
Thoracic opening! Place block under shoulder blades and release back to open up into the upper back
Active stretch-try open and closed ribs to work into the thoracic. Keep belly drawing in to support
Forearm wheel: work chest back to open thoracic. Elbows draw together to stabilise with serratus.
Keep feet light on wall and push AWAY from the floor. Drop tailbone down slowly to open the back.
Work your straight pincha for shoulder strength. Use a block as demoed to help if needed.
Practice gentle drops of the foot in stag - draw foot to floor as you open shoulders & shift gaze
Now practice holding a stable tuck progressing to shifting gaze and allowing the shoulders to open.
and finally PLAY. Begin to explore different leg shapes and different depths of your hollowback!
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