Make A Book With Just One Sheet Of Paper!
All you need to start is a single piece of paper and a pair of scissors
First, fold the paper in half like a greeting card to crease it, then unfold it
Now fold it in half the long, skinny way. Crease it and unfold it again.
Self check: your paper should have 4 sections separated by creases.
Fold each side in to meet the center crease. If you did it right, your paper will have 8 sections.
Fold it in half like a greeting card and turn the paper so the folded edge is closest to you.
Self check: the paper should be folded like a greeting card with the folded edge closest to you.
Pro tip: draw a dotted line along the crease between the fold and where the creases intersect.
Cut along the crease following the dots. Unfold your paper-- it should have a slit in the center.
Fold the paper so there are 2 flaps sticking straight up. Fold one to the left, one to the right.
Fold your paper in half as shown.
Fold in half along the crease one last time and voila! You made a book!
Now it’s time to write and draw your story!
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