Make an Astrolabe and Sundial!
This project is based on materials in a FutureMakers snack. First, we will make a simple Astrolabe!
Lets add a “sight”! Press tape to marked spaces. Flip & align black tube with round edge, and tape.
Double knot the string through top hole & center of weight. The string hangs on the numbered side.
Estimate an objects’ angle above the horizon - peer through the sight & read degrees by the string!
Let’s watch the time go by the changing angle of a shadow - with a sundial!
You’ll need a FutureMakers materials kit for this project.
Bend down each of the four tabs around the dial edges. These help it stand on a flat surface.
Press the pointer into the two slots on the dial, push and slide towards straight edge to lock in.
Place in a sunny spot and align the shadow to current time. What time is it in this photo?
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