Make An Invisible Ink Stamp (K - 8th)
What you'll need
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We use 32oz bottles
Ultraviolet Reactive Ink
One for every 8 participants
4" X 6" Stamp Pad
Handmade Stamps
One per participant
UV Light Wand!
Blue, brown, purple, grey - all work great
Recommended: Dark colored Construction Paper
Invisible Ink Stamp Coach Guide
We're using alcohol based "blacklight" ink, which fluoresces and emits light under UV light.
Saturate the stamp pad - this will last for hundreds of inkings.
Clean and dry your stamp with household cleaner before using - otherwise prints WON'T be invisible!
Stamp message or pattern - we like dark colored paper. Takes +/- 2 min for marks to dry completely.
All marks hadn't dried yet - look how brightly they react under UV! It also looks awesome on skin!
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