Mc.Doughfires Mc.Chicken Burger
The best solution for fussy eaters
A copycat Mc.Donald’s chicken burger recipe, perfect for all. 🍟🍔
Into a processor add: 4 breast fillet, 1 egg, 1 full tsp salt. Pulse till smooth mixture forms. Remove into bowl & keep aside
In a bowl, take out 1 cup cornstarch. Shape chicken patties. Coat with cornstarch on both sides. Keep aside
In a bowl mix up:1 cup water,1 cup flour,2/3 cup cornstarch,1 egg,2 tbsp mustard,1 tbsp garlic powder,1 tbsp onion powder, 1 tsp each salt & pepper.
Coat the prepared patties in the batter. Place onto baking sheet. Freeze a couple of hours before frying
Fry patties for 5 mins. Remove on kitchen towel 3 mins. Fry another 5 mins (or till light golden brown)
For special sauce:1 cup mayonnaise,1 tsp mustard powder,1 tsp onion powder,1/2 tsp salt.Whisk till well combined.Assemble burger with sauce & enjoy
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