20 Min Full Body Circuit : At Home Workout!
Each exercise is 40s on / 10s off for 4 rounds
Step ups : use a chair, bench, shower, stair, whatever you have at home! Alternate 2 rounds with L leg leading and 2 rounds with R leg leading
Decline push-ups : use a bench or chair. If it’s too hard, do regular push-ups
Lemon Squeezer: can be done on the ground or on a bench
Single leg squat: either switch legs at 20s or do 2 sets on R leg and 2 sets on L leg
Tricep Dip: use a chair, a bench, a stair, a shower, whatever you have at home!
Plank toe taps: can be done on ground or against a bench
Have fun and smile! For more visit Skaterfit
What you'll need
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