My Favorite Items For Sustainable Travel
It's important to treat the planet well. These are my favorite sustainable items for travel!
Instead of buying bottled water as you travel, buy a water filtration system.
Using this filtering system, I can grab safe drinking water from anywhere around the world.
I've drunk water from taps across the globe, rivers, lakes, and even rainwater!
I always pack a couple canvas bags so I can avoid accepting plastic bags when I shop.
Toothpaste tablets are a great zero-waste solution for keeping your teeth sparkly clean!
Simply chew this tablet a little bit, and then brush normally. I store my tablets in a mason jar.
A bamboo toothbrush reduces waste, too. Remember to pluck the bristles out before composting!
I use solid shampoo and conditioner to reduce waste. Just store these in a mason jar!
You can also use solid deodorant!
Lastly, I have an upcycled pack that I've used on every single trip for the last 10 years!
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