No Foundation (by the pool makeup)
Follow this tutorial for your base! How To Cover Under Eye Bags
Run a TINTED brow gel through your brows. Use less product and take your time to coat all of your brows.
I use my finger to then press down my brows and set them more into place
Use a thick concealer close to your skin tone. Press onto any spots you want to cover. Tap the product in to blend. The warmth of ur finger will help!
Use a liquid blush. Put more then you think you'll need. We are going for a "I was just in the sun/pool" look.
Use the bottom of a sponge to blend into your skin. Blend it UP your check bones.
Any excess on the sponge, go along your forehead.
A liquid illuminator will help bring that sun kissed glow. Just rub into into the highest points on your cheeks.
I added more concealer to my chin as it's a more problem area for me.
Curl your lashes, this creates so much more length. Add mascara. (make sure it's waterproof)
There you have it. Perfect by the pool makeup.
What you'll need
Beauty Blender
Mac Cosmetics Studio Correct & Conceal
Narsissist Creamy Concealor
Rare Beauty Liquid Blush
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