Paper Pop Up: HEMS 3rd Grade Lesson 4 Simple Strip
Materials: Paper for a basepage, strips of paper, scissors and glue stick.
Fold a paper for a base page. It can be card stock, book paper or something you have.
Cut a strip of paper and fold it in half.
When it’s folded in half, it should fit inside the card like this.
Put glue on one side of the strip and place it up against the center crease. Press to attach. Let the glue dry.
Add glue to the other side of the strip. Close the card and press to let the glue dry.
This is one of the shapes that a strip pop up can make.
Cut a strip of paper and fold it in half. Let’s practice a different way to glue in a strip for a new shape.
Check to see if the strip fits in the card. Trim it if it’s too long.
Glue the loose end of the strip together flat. Add glue to the inside and press to attach.
Now add glue to each outside of the strip that is the loop end. Place it in the base page at the center crease and close the card. Let the glue dry.
Now the strip pop up has a different shape! Oops! More glue! More dry time!
Try cutting the strips with different lengths, and then try cutting strips with shaped edges.
Always glue the strips to the crease! Give the glue time to set! Lol!
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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