Make mini statue trophies for whatever awards you want to give out! Start off with 5 peg dolls from Woodpeckers Crafts.
Give your peg doll dimensional details with craft foam. Sketch out your shapes, trace onto foam, & cut them out.
Adhere the foam pieces to peg dolls & add engraved details with a sharp pencil.
Paint the peg dolls with navy blue acrylic paint. Add gold metallic powder & gold puff paint. Coat in gold acrylic & seal with decoupage medium.
Cut out a bunch of cardboard circles for your trophy bases. Use as many as you need to get the base height to your taste, & glue them with tacky glue.
Adhere peg dolls to the base platforms with a good coat of tacky glue.
Coat the sides & tops of the bases with black puff paint.
Cut out strips of paper & write your award categories on them. Glue to trophy bases with tacky glue, & coat everything with decoupage medium.
Paint the paper strips with gold acrylic paint, & edge with gold puff paint.
Rewrite the category names w/ a permanent marker or gel pen. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see traces of your original writing through the gold paint.
Coat the underside of the bases with black acrylic paint.
Cut out black felt circles & adhere them to the underside of bases.
Get ready for your awards ceremony!
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