15 Places You Won’t Believe Are In Saskatchewan
Valley of 1000 Devils - a challenging hike in the heart of the badlands. Be prepared for extreme temperatures here!
Cypress Hills - the first interprovincial park in Canada that actually spans both Saskatchewan and Alberta. Expect lush greenery and towering hills.
The Great Sandhills - one of the largest active sand dunes in Canada! Here you’ll find 1900 sq. Km of active desert like sand dunes
Lighthouse at Cochin - a fully functional lighthouse that has absolutely no need to function. But hey - it’s pretty!
Castle Butte - a relic from the ice age made from sandstone and clay-based with alkali and coal deposits. It’s 0.5km around and 60m high!
The Crooked Bush Nature Preserve - considered one of the 54 wonders of Canada this preserve is full of twisted and crooked trees that are so unique
Little Manitou Lake - a small saltwater lake that’s fed by underground springs.
Stone Hall Castle - a European style castle located in Regina
Moose Jaw Tunnels - extensive & historical tunnel system dug up in 1908 and used by Chinese immigrants and for prohibition
Salt Flats - located in Chaplin (a town of only 300 people!) the salt flats are the largest deposit of sodium sulphate in North America!
Gem Lakes - formed during the last ice age and carved out by glaciers these beautiful lakes are a sight to see
Grasslands National Park - a stunning park where you can experience badlands and wide open plains
Athabasca Sand Dunes - one of the most northerly active sand dune formations on earth!
Porcupine Hills Provincial Park - a beautiful park with lots to see and do
Nistowiak Falls - one of the highest and most beautiful natural waterfalls in Saskatchewan. It’s especially beautiful in the winter time!
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