Portuguese Beef Skewers
Cut steaks into cubes. Do this by first cutting long-ways down the middle, and then in horizontal slices to divide the steak into chunks.
Combine garlic, salt, and pepper in a bowl. Sprinkle the seasoning mixture all over the steak. Pat it down to press the seasoning into the steak.
Take a skewer and layer a chunk of steak, then a bay leaf, until all of your meat is skewered with bay leaves between each piece of steak.
Brush olive oil onto each skewer to prevent sticking when you grill them.
Grill the skewers over High heat with the lid closed for 2 minutes. Rotate the skewer to grill each side for 2 minutes.
Once the skewers reach an internal temperature of 135°F or your desired degree of doneness*, they are safe to remove from the grill. Serve, and enjoy!
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