Quick And Easy Voluminous Curls Using A Straightener
Today I’ll be showing you how I create this voluminous curly hair look!
I begin by spraying heat protectant spray all through my hair! Don’t underestimate how important this is for your hair!
I split my hair in two and take a small section starting from the back and comb through
I take my straightener and curl outwards, gently loosening the tong as I slowly work down
I usually have to go in and curl the ends again as my hair is getting quite long!
I repeat this method on the other side, again starting from the back
With my “fringe” pieces at the front, I start curling a bit higher up
I like to comb out my fringe and then frame them away from my face
I gently run my fingers through all of my hair so the curls are not too tight
The final step is some hair spray to lock these curls in! Thank you for watching xx
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